Friday, 12 August 2016

Saville Mill, Bolton - August 2016

Blimey, 10 days of bloody hot foreign sun and I was bored senseless. Thankfully the return home found Bolton to be both rather cooler and a tad damp which was just to my liking with an easy local mooch shouting to be done.

A school night, myself and Tbolt jumped in the car following an earlier weekend visit by Judderman.

Having walked passed this old derelict mill pretty much every day for the last 14 years it was now at last open to visits without any form of gymnastics, so in we popped as you do.

In the 1970's this area was an industrial area, home to the local bus depot and the various traveling fairgrounds. By the 1990's the area was known only as the local red light district. Come 2016 the area is pretty much derelict or demolished with the red light area heavily under CCTV to stamp out any such activities.

But watch your back, your car etc, etc......

Saville Mill, Shiffnall Street, Bolton

Saville Mill, Shiffnall Street, Bolton

Saville Mill, Shiffnall Street, Bolton

Saville Mill, Shiffnall Street, Bolton

Saville Mill, Shiffnall Street, Bolton

Saville Mill, Shiffnall Street, Bolton

Saville Mill, Shiffnall Street, Bolton




Simply box ticking, sadly 2/10

Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Smith Lectures - Chernobyl - Bolton 25th August 2016

Just a heads up, my fellow adventurer to foreign parts is to have a friendly chat at Breightmet Library in Bolton about his foolhardy travels with myself and fellow fools. Tindog, AKA  Mick Smith is both funny and educating, entertaining you aided by his collection of personal photographs and a number of my snaps from our trip to Kiev and Chernobyl. This warm up gig will be the first of a coming number of his enthralling Eastern European travel tales that should not be missed.

No entrance fee is being charged.

The Smith Lectures

Friday, 29 July 2016

Dyson Ceramics, Stannington - July 2016

Having previous popped my nose in at this place a few years ago and failed to make any inroads at photographing this abandoned and derelict factory it was most welcome visit with Tbolt.

Dyson Ceramics closed this factory back in 2005, some areas are demolished but is does still have some little bits to see with a smattering of Sheffield graffiti.

The factory in its countryside setting sits rotting in development hell, developers want to build 88 house, but given the green belt location on the edge of the Peak District, this is proving a little controversial.



No gymnastics required, in we go.

















A tidy office is a happy office

I'm going to give this place a jolly 6/10 as we continue on our quest for that illusive epic.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hollinshead Hall Holy Well, Belmont - July 2016

You like to think you know your local area, so it was a surprise when Bovine posted a few photos of this place.

Hollinshead Hall was a manor house situated between Belmont Village and Tockholes, built in 1776 the property fell into disrepair in the late 1900's and was demolished by Liverpool Corporation Waterworks following purchase of the surrounding land area.

Very little remains of the old house, apart from the Holy Well, a natural spring housed in small building with a reputation of being haunted.

A pleasant wander in the rather damp summer air brought us to a clearing in the woods.






A rather charming breath of fresh air after the pigeon infested rat holes of the the last week.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Mission, Bolton - July 2016

Following a top tip off from Tbolt, Zer081 and myself popped in for a little nosey.

I could find little or no information on the Mission Hall or Christian Mission, apart from some over priced photos from the 1950s available to buy from the Bolton News.








Tbolt didn't rate this place, but I rather liked it for what it is, going to give it a possible controversial 5/10.

Just wish I could find some history, even just a little bit.

A seldom seen mill, Bolton - July 2016

I do like a good mill, I do like a good permission visit, I was invited by Tbolt to join a student group mooch. It was rather good.

a seldom seen mill

A good potter was had by all around this old cotton and carpet weaving mill. Part working, part closed, we stuck to the closed bits.

a seldom seen mill

a seldom seen mill

a seldom seen mill

a seldom seen mill

a seldom seen mill

a seldom seen mill

a seldom seen mill

a seldom seen mill

A seldom seen mill

A seldom seen mill

A cracking view from up top, of another seldom seen mill.



An unexpected surprise, I could have spent days in this place.