Friday, 23 June 2017

Highways Department, Johnstown, Carmarthen - June 2017

We spotted this place on the side of a busy main road in Wales. After a frustrating day we popped our heads in.

Looked like an old school which had been later used by the Highways Department for offices. Not much to say about the place to be honest. It had potential from the road side but ultimately crap, thrashed to within an inch of its life.

Visited by Snapt and Tbolt between rain showers.





Lights on, no one at home

Given that Wales is obviously a country of milk and honey we did find it a little strange that the lights where left on despite the building being "alfresco" and looking empty for years.

Posted to save you the time and effort 2/10

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Bethlehem Chapel, Wales - June 2017

Visited with Tbolt and Snapt on our delightful return journey thru Wales.

Situated in the middle of a very remote part of Wales, off the beaten track and then further and further down another remote country lane is a little chapel next to a phone box. You may need the phone box, this is an American Werewolf kind of place and you won't be getting a signal on your phone if you need to phone for help (thinking vehicle breakdown rather than being ripped apart by a Lycanthrope to be honest).


This rather, very, small chapel is sometimes referred to as Sinister Chapel, not very sinister but location wise very quiet, remote and a little atmospheric on a wet and windy day.

Another Chapel

Another Welsh Chapel

Another Chapel

Another Chapel


We rather liked this place.

Salem Chapel, Wales - June 2017

Snapt, myself and Tbolt continued to trundle around the country roads of Wales.

We had quickly realised Wales was a lot like the Lake District but without the traffic and the Japanese tourists. Wales was good but the weather was shite - just like the Lake District.

We imagined that back in deepest Pembrokeshire a strange man was playing with his dogs and fingering overly large cups of tea whilst sniffing bottles of festering milk.

We had had a lucky escape and whilst the weather was truly awful we stumbled into a little gem of an abandoned Wesleyan Methodist chapel.

Built in 1833 and then rebuilt in 1868 the chapel closed in 1973.

No externals, the place is enveloped with overgrowth and it at risk of collapse at some point in the near future.


A Chapel

A Chapel


A gem of a little chapel, we rather liked this one a lot.

Coach Graveyard, Wales - June 2017

A Welsh road trip, so what could go wrong ??

Tbolt, myself and the one only known as Snapt set off in the, very, early hours of the morning and well it all went a bit League of Gentlemen.

It should be noted that the chain of bizarre events that unfolded before us fell firmly at the feet of a crazy English pensioner (did I say crazy ?) what I meant to say was deluded. Said fuckwitt currently resides in deepest Pembrokeshire luring unsuspecting explorers to his lair with false promises of urbex gold.

As my Mum once said to me "you want to be carefull on that internet, its full of fucking nutters".

So when in Wales with at least a 5 hour drive home, 7 hours for poor old Snapt, it becomes derp hunting time.

"Oh look its a coach graveyard in the middle of nowhere, apply the brakes on the car !! "

 ;Coach Graveyard

Coach Graveyard

Coach Graveyard

Coach Graveyard

Coach Graveyard

Coach Graveyard

Coach Graveyard

It started to rain, again, and so we quickly returned to the car a tad wet. Snapt started up the Mystery Machine for our onward journey and we drove on into the mist.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Permanite Asphalt, Matlock - May 2017

Visited with Tbolt and Snapt, whilst Mrs Tbolt went shopping and got the grub and pop in.

Tucked away on the edge of the town, this industrial gem sits in development hell and is a rather photogenic derp of a gem. Sadly a quick visit and my photos don't give the place justice.

Tbolt was rather disappointed, but I love places like this.











For me, a little gem of a place, 6/10

Shouts to Mrs Tbolt for an excellent choice of grub.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Rockwood Pigments, Matlock Bath - April 2017

A busy Bank Holiday Weekend, a cheeky monkey entrance trying to avoid the tourists. What could go wrong ? Well nothing really, it was just a little bit poo.

Visited with Tbolt and Snapt.

Sat on the side of the river, under the cliffs of High Tor in Matlock Bath is this long closed pigment factory, cable cars sail overhead.







It was at this point we spotted the open cave entrance and we could not resist having a nosey and in we went. Shortly in we spotted some illicit mining and the roof seemed to be held up by some amateur Jenga puzzle. Tbolt turned to comment and the puzzle moved and a section of wood fell on the floor.

This may have been an elaborate ploy to keep people out, it worked.


Didn't really float my boat this place, 2/10

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Chatsworth Works, Whittington - April 2017

A first glance this, hidden, long standing derp zone zone is a little bit shit.

Visited with Tbolt and Snapt, Snapt assuring us that of wonderful art was to be found.

After a bit of a false start and a run in with a member of staff, nice chap, from a local garden emporium we found ourselves initially a little disappointed with the place. However this was not to last.....

This railway wagon repair factory traded as Chatsworth Wagon Repairs Limited and closed at some point in the 1980s.

First the disappointing bit, a heavily thrashed building.






Thankfully a casual wander further into the heavily overgrown site we came across the treasure that Snapt had brought us to see.










What did the grape say when the badger stood on it?  Nothing, it just let out a little wine....


I rather like this place, 6/10