Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lotus Hall aka Cuckoo Hall, Wales - from above - February 2015

It had been a long time and after reading a report by Dugie I hatched an idea.

I hadn't been flying for a while, time to contact Captain Pugwash, I love it when a plan comes together !!


After sitting in the once again gridlocked Manchester afternoon motorway traffic for a good half hour the race was on to get down to Wales before the light started to fail.

As we flew towards the mouth of the River Mersey towards Wales the clouds started to move in - this could have been a wasted journey but the gods where with us it would seem, just.

The long abandoned Lotus Hall aka Cuckoo Hall. The hall was once owned by a man who had a passion for Lotus sports cars and for some weird reason he had a wild collection of Cuckoos which roamed his vast country estate (so it says here). Rumour (total bollocks?) has it that one day the owner went on the rampage, jumped into a dark green Lotus Elise and proceeded to mow down a large (?) flock of his beloved Cuckoos.

The poor wife of this gentleman called the local police, who (I'm sure this is complete and utter shite) took a dim view of this shenanigans and the man spent the rest of his days in a lunatic asylum. After struggling to pay for the upkeep of the house and stable blocks the now lonely lady moved to Cuba - as you do.

The property was up for sale for £15 million and was finally sold at auction a few years later for under £1.5 million and nearly four years on it still sits awaiting renovation.

Cuckoo Hall aka Lotus Hall, Wales

Originally built in the 1850s, the building sits in 18 acres of walled garden, that itself surrounded by over 5000 acres of parkland.

Cuckoo Hall aka Lotus Hall, Wales

Cuckoo Hall aka Lotus Hall, Wales

Cuckoo Hall aka Lotus Hall, Wales

Cuckoo Hall aka Lotus Hall, Wales

Cuckoo Hall aka Lotus Hall, Wales

And that was that really, so we went for a play in the mountains.



More pics of the hall on my Flickr

Big thanks to Captain Pugwash must be given.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Fisons, Holmes Chapel - January 2015

A solo visit to Cheshire, the old Fisons building, with demolition started and halted, with planning passed for a new Sainsbury's store this place could be sat rotting for many years to come - only time will tell following the long overdue demise of the big UK supermarkets.

Opened in 1937 as Bengers, later the asthma drug Intal was researched here under the later ownership of Fisons Pharmaceuticals in the 1960s.

But that is history, as they say, this is derp.


Sadly not that much to see, it has a few nice little bits, but its all about the dome.





On to the dome, coz it's all about the dome.





Anyway,  5/10 as other than the dome it was a little bit....


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Woolton Hall, aka Katie's House - January 2015

Behind a wall in the land of the Beatles, narrrrrr - the land of the Quarrymen lies the latest urbex tourist hot spot.

Built in 1704 with stone from the local Woolton Quarry, this building has been used as a home, hotel, school, club. This Grade I listed building now sits in development hell awaiting sale or a visit from Derek Acorah.


A quick phone call to the caretaker, Mr Hibbert, is all that is needed for the run of the place these days and meeting him at the gate he led us up the icy drive to the house. A number of photographers were already pottering about the place including a bloody fashion shoot.

"are you supposed to be here" said the up his own arse "professional".

Well it was going to be one of those days so a quick potter round and we left, I've agreed with the very kind caretaker to pop back to get some photos another time.

- It is a little different....









 Penciled in for a rainy day return visit.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cannon Brewery,Sheffield - January 2015

The home of Stones Bitter from 1948 until 1999, finally a walk in come 2015. Visited with the one known only as the Judderman one cold and frosty winters day and sorry its a monster of a post.

Photos taken with a Pentax KS-1, straight out the box and I have to say I'm rather taken with it despite the "blinky blinky lights", oh and a couple of pics using a Nokia 1020 camera phone.

A local graffiti hotspot for the artists of Sheffield and passing street artists who fancied chancing life and limb jumping the main gate.

Lets have a potter......


The secret of this place is one must go down, then up and up and back down.

As always in Sheffield the artwork is top class and often clever....






The photos above are mostly basement shots with passageways under the main yard, next into the main buildings, so up this time.



This next area is my favorite part of the site.

Cannon Brewery



Cannon Brewery

Cannon Brewery

On to more and more levels, I will round off with a few more pictures, you will find much more on my Flickr


Cannon Brewery

Cannon Brewery

Cannon Brewery



Get to Cannon Brewery otherwise you will just get bitter, 10/10

 And remember what they say “Wherever you may wander, there’s no taste like Stones.”

Monday, 29 December 2014

Vue Cinema, Pilsworth - December 2014

This 12 screen multiplex cinema opened in 1989 as a Warner Bros, re-branded as Vue in 2004, finally closing July 2010.

In March 1996 the cinema hosted the UK premiere of the John Travolta/ Christian Slater blockbuster Broken Arrow - sadly neither Travolta or Slater turned up, but thankfully John Leslie and Sonya did.

So as 2014 drew to a close up popped this little gem, we had been very patiently waiting, watching the grass and moss grow around the place for years.
 Vue, Pilsworth

 - and then photos appeared....

Weeks passed, with one thing and another we didn't get there, by the time we did the metal fairies and local vandals had trashed the place.

This is what we found, myself, Jdub, Urban Spaceman and a rather pleasant new chap on the scene, Shucky. With tales of roaming metal fairies safety in numbers was order of the day.


First off its a cinema, it is dark, tripod and light painting are the themes of the day, oh to repeat it is dark, very dark and I would not recommend a solo, you wouldn't want to meet anyone dodgy here.





A few of the auditoriums had been stripped bare, seats and all, thankfully not all.







Alas the show was over, time to leave, it had been kicking off down at the Pick n Mix.



Jolly good fun after an extended break from mooching, also interesting to note that at its time of closure in 2010 it was turning over £71,000 a week in nacho, popcorn and hotdogs sales......