Tuesday 24 April 2012

Stevenson Square, Manchester - April 2012

A return visit to my haunt of Stevenson Square, Manchester and the Northern Quarter.

As part of the Manchester Outhouse Project the art had changed once again and off I shot to Manchester on a damp Sunday afternoon to take in the sights.

- Urban Spaceman was convalescing with a bad dose of Manflu, payback for trying to escape the rather wet weather with yet another holiday in some despot country which sun and cheap beer.

Stevenson Square, Manchester

Stevenson Square, Manchester

Stevenson Square, Manchester




Off for a quick mooch round the side streets of the Northern Quarter to see what wonders I could find...

I think this one is a Ting Tong Chang ???

Ting Tong Chang ?

Spotted a few of these in the back streets




Instead of the usual back street routes I normally take I decided to have a wander up Tib Lane into Foundry Lane and found some cracking artwork.

Foundry Lane, Manchester

  Foundry Lane, Manchester


Foundry Lane, Manchester

Foundry Lane, Manchester

Foundry Lane, Manchester

Foundry Lane, Manchester

Finally a quick wander down Oldham Street on the way back to the train station.


And it's Good Night from me with a picture of Anthony H. Wilson, the legend that forever is Mr Manchester

Anthony H Wilson - Tony Wilson

Sunday 15 April 2012

Liwa Desert, Abu Dhabi - Carry On...Follow That Camel

Another total off topic, as today I have been finally starting putting in place plans for a return trip to the greatest city on earth ? Maybe not, but it will be once it's finished being built.

Anyway its a shame not to share these, amazing colours and it was a place to remember, if only for the heat.

I've had good fortune to do a few trips to Abu Dhabi in 2009/2010 and it was the reason I bought myself my first DSLR, I've learnt a bit since taking these, but hope you like.

On to the madness of the local motorway to leave Abu Dhabi City and off into the empty desert roads into the Empty Quarter and you enter the Liwa Desert (after about 155km of driving). Whilst driving you see signs for places like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia - oh and Dubai (been a few times and had a McDonald's).

Liwa forms part of the Rub' al Khali Desert which is 250,000. sq miles and its hot, hitting 130f in July and August.

 Abu Al Abyed

 Liwa desert dunes


Liwa desert dunes

 Liwa desert dunes

We drove into a camel camp, not tourist camels proper camels !!

 Liwa Desert

Liwa Desert

 Liwa desert dunes

The local farmer beckoned us in.

Camel Farmer

The farmer insisted I take a photo of this camel, his pride and joy it would seem.

Non tourist camel, Liwa Desert

Me and little Miss Fragglehunter (turns out she's not a fan of camels)

Desert Antics - saying hello to a "real camel"

Camel farm in Liwa Desert

 Camel camp, Liwa Desert

And off we go again

 Liwa desert dunes

Liwa desert dunes, UAE

Liwa desert dunes

Some bugger kept insisting on taking my picture (from the air conditioned car I should add)

Desert Antics - sure I just saw a snake !

Liwa Desert

Liwa desert dunes

Liwa desert dunes, Abu Dhabi

Liwa. desert dunes, Abu Dhabi

Liwa desert dunes, Abu Dhabi

Liwa desert dunes

The day was catching up with us and we needed to head back home as the motorway is like Wacky Races at rush hour and after dark your looking at something along the lines of Death Race 2000.

Hope you liked and yes next time I'm thinking of  taking a sledge....

 PS I'm not a wealthy person. Being able to travel to Abu Dhabi is down to being fortunate enough to have very good and extremely kind friends who put up with me and the girls, feed us, water us and show us wonders of the UAE, such as Liwa.

Dedicated and Jon and Val and two fingers to the UK Government for the hike in flight tax (again!!!)

Saturday 14 April 2012

Aerial tilt-shift photography

A week of illness has pretty much wrecked an overly busy schedule but anyway moving on and today is Grand National Day at Aintree Race Course, Liverpool - so here is a pic taken from over head (which has totally nothing to do with this posting).

Aintree Race Course, from the air

Right, here we go with small selection of tilt-shift pictures taken from the plane around the Manchester and Bolton area, hope you enjoy.
First off Barton Bridge, Manchester with the sewage farm in all its glory

Barton Bridge, Manchester, tilt-shift

and another day another angle of Barton Bridge.

Barton Bridge, Manchester, tilt-shift


Manchester, tiltshift

Reebok Stadium, Bolton

Reebok Stadium, tilt-shift

Horwich, near Bolton, funky motorway junction - not sure what was going on this day but being the junction for Horwich, The Reebok, Blackrod and Westhoughton it's normally back to back traffic.

 Horwich, Tiltshift

Deane Road and Haslam Park, Bolton

 Bolton - tiltshift (Deane Road & Haslam Park)

Moss Bank Park, Bolton

 Moss Bank Park, Bolton - Tiltshift

Bolton, Town Centre and Town Hall

 Bolton Town Hall - tiltshift

Chequerbent Roundabout, Westhoughton, near Bolton

 Chequerbent Roundabout, Westhoughton, Bolton - Tiltshift

I'm always on the look out for plant hire type places, such as these

 Plant hire - tiltshift


A circus comes to town, Reebok Stadium

Circus - tiltshift

Final shot, The Trafford Centre, Manchester.


Thanks for looking, normal service to be resumed shortly.