Wednesday 26 September 2012

Liverpool Graffiti Hunting - September 2012

It said in the magazine "Boarding a plane to an unbeknown country makes your mind wonder about all the photographic opportunities your going to encounter. The beautiful architecture, the....."

So I caught a train to Liverpool for a bit of graffiti hunting !

Given that Bolton is only 37 miles from Liverpool, I've only ever been to Liverpool twice in my life and after catching a ferry across the Mersey I'd never been back, until now.

Not sure where I'd spotted this, but I read that Cains Brewery in Toxteth would be a good starting point for the hunt for Scouse artwork and I wasn't disappointed.






From then on a trawl of the back streets, Liverpool has street art and graffiti in dollops, from Liverpools Beatles Heritage

 The Beatles - Liverpool graffiti

 The Beatles - Liverpool graffiti

to Banksy's Gangsta Rat

 Banksy - Gangsta Rat

Liverpool just kept on giving quality artwork






Turn a corner and more


Free Pussy Riot

Free Pussy Riot

to Beauty of the Beast, this one I just love, as does my nipper

Beauty of the Beast



With five hours of walking, looking in nooks and crannies these are just a small sample of the photos taken that day, I will return as I'm sure more treasures are awaiting me including the Banksy which had been covered in scaffolding and plastic.

Sunday 16 September 2012

Duke of Lancaster - September 15th 2012

Yet another return trip to Mostyn, North Wales to see the ghost ship The Duke of Lancaster, now being brought back to life by invited graffiti and street artists.

With the two nippers in tow to test the magnetism of the ship and to take a look at the new artwork painted by The Cream Soda Crew off we shot.

 An hours drive from home with the Wombats blasting away in the car, the nippers favorite being the album A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation - not a bad choice of music for a 3 year old.

A walk down a damp and slightly muddy path is any kids idea of fun, but to add a ship with a "monster" emblazoned on the side and you hit a jackpot it would seem.


- Not just me then.

The sight of the new work by The Cream Soda Crew, a Diver Dan with a skull peeking from the helmet caused my youngest to pipe up "who turned out the lights?" referencing Doctor Who.

Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster




Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Being one of my pet projects, this one is to be continued and you may like to take a look at my photos from the plane

All photographs Copyright Sleepyg/Fragglehunter Photography 2012 - ask don't steal !

Thursday 13 September 2012

Lundy Island

Lundy Island, population 28 - with 2 visitors incoming like a bat out of hell !

Known to the population of Great Britain from the Met Office Shipping Forcast on BBC Radio 4, this island was once owned by the Knights Templar.

The island sits on the very edge of the North Atlantic Ocean, 12 miles off the coast of Devon, England.

This former pirate stronghold of the Barbary Pirates was our target of the hour.



A quick spin round Lundy Lighthouse




Not for the faint hearted this one !





There be pirates !!!!

Lundy Island

All photographs Copyright Sleepyg/Fragglehunter Photography 2012 - ask don't steal !

Pilot Jon Hilton

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Stevenson Square, Manchester - September 2012

Bit of a pet project this one.

Stevenson Square, Manchester - home of the Outhouse Project

Well its Heritage Weekend, so a crafty plot to take the kids to the Greater Manchester Police Museum means us jumping off the tram at Shude Hill and a short walk thru the Northern Quarter.

First off  a piece by Replete


Dan Birkbeck







Akse - sadly someone had defaced this one.


Finally a work in progress, artist Akse - with a bit of Amy Winehouse.




A last minute spot,  a post up by Kiwie, interesting given this Latvian artist had recently been in North Wales painting the Duke of Lancaster

 Kiwie ?

To be continued....

Friday 7 September 2012

Round Britain Rally - Interview with the pilot

 Health Warning

Following on from our win in the 2012 Round Britain Rally, Jon recently did an interview for Flying Podcast

If you your interested in flying take a look at the website or if your just after the info on the Round Britain Rally hop in at 28mins here ---->  Flypodcast

All interesting stuff and I get the piss taken out of my for nocturnal habits.

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