Sunday 24 November 2013

Denbigh Asylum - from the air - November 2013

Its been a while, but back in the plane, sadly the forecast of blue sky was far from the truth.

Whilst rushing back to Manchester to beat the winter closing time of the airport, we flew over the small Welsh town of Denbigh, home of the now closed North Wales Hospital or as it is also know - Denbigh Asylum.

This Grade II listed building sits rotting since its final closure in 2002, the hospital closed in stages over the period of 1991 to 2002.

Sadly not the best of photographs, with cloud, rain and rapidly failing light, taking into account our ground speed of a little over 105mph I did my best.

Denbigh Asylum

Denbigh Mental Hospital, North Wales Mental Hospital, Denbighshire - Denbigh Asylum

Denbigh Asylum

Denbigh Mental Hospital, North Wales Mental Hospital, Denbighshire - Denbigh Asylum

Denbigh Asylum

Its been on my list for a while, but for the moment these aerial shots of the asylum will do and for me compliment my Whittingham Asylum sets  

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Friday 22 November 2013

Urbex News - October - November 2013

Thought twice about this post, being that over the last month or so the Daily Fail has blitzed their paper and website with articles, I'm not a fan of the Fail, but the stories just kept came thick and fast.

Hmmmm, problems, the stories, the articles, lent towards sites that are a little bit special, the sites that... well should be photographed and not vandalized or wrecked or stripped of contents, metal etc, etc, etc - many of the Daily Fail articles simply just omitted a postcode possibly giving the vandals and thieves an open goal for rampage.

I know I do name places on my blog, but certain places I just don't, such as this one, or this one - and others.

A big backlash and all manner of fallout continues against the sellout photographers for a shitty newspaper which many consider to be a scum newspaper of venomous output.

So here is a few snippets from the last month, I have left most the "special" sites out of my round up.

In fact let us just start with an interesting article on Chernobyl, or more importantly The Arch, in this from the Independent.

Rooftopping in Toronto sounds like fun, but call me a wus but I've stayed at the Holiday Inn on Kings in Toronto (now Hyatt) and trust me you don't wanna do this - I got the wobbles just looking out my bedroom window - Independent. 

- Note to Holiday Inn, still not forgiven you for allowing me to book a hotel room without telling me anything about the striking staff and having to cross a raging picket line every time you enter or leave the hotel.

Now I would love to be a fly on the wall when this chap gets caught somewhere he shouldn't be with his
chello ?!??! High brow musical urbex shenanigans from the Telegraph.

Learn to be a urban explorer in Chicago - warning you may get beat up? The Depaulia.

More Bradley Garrett from the Metro - this chap got slightly less publicity than Doctor Who in the last month.

A charming lad I know went for a potter around the old Burnley Empire Theatre and the local rag Lancashire Telegraph has an rather explosive headline.

Sylvain Margaine goes for an explore in the Telegraph, with a little write up and some jolly nice pictures - "having outwitted many a security guard".

Urban exploration in Japan with Jordy Meow from the Huffington Post, which is nice....

I was going to put a few links to Daily Mail articles, but hey, meh ! Scum Bags !!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next time....

Sunday 10 November 2013

Sylvester Street, Sheffield - November 2013

Popped into this place to see if the street art had changed, it started to rain so I lingered.

Nice artwork including my favorite Phelgm









When the rain finally stopped I had quick mooch round the surrounding streets and found a couple of crackers before another downpour moved in.




Yet another return to Sheffield is on the cards for a proper explore.

Reins Mill - Huddersfield - November 2013

Another quick hop over the Lancashire border into sunny Yorkshire, with the first frost of the Autumn melting in the overly bright morning sunshine.

Meeting up with Zer081 and another pleasant chap FocusOnScot (who shoots with film).

Being part of a larger active mill, the empty section we visited had been previously vacated in 2003 by Holme Valley Paterns Limited and a lower section vacated in about 2009 by an MOT station.

A rather neat and tidy place, mostly watertight and enough little bits to hold your interest with a nice layer of dust, cobwebs and pigeon poo.
















We left as we found it and bid the place farewell, as it sits waiting to become another bloody Morrisons.


Reins Mill - does what it says in the tin, Yorkshire Millage you just can't get enough of it.

Monday 4 November 2013

Sheffield Ski Village - November 2013

After an early start, numerous fails and the fact that buildings in Sheffield are rapidly being demolished I found myself sat in the car watching the rain tumbling down with a signpost for Sheffield Ski Village attached to the lamp post nearest the car.

I punched in the postcode of my new prospective target on the satnav, 400 metres to destination - it had to be done.

Well fellow intrepid explorers, moochers let me save you the trouble.


 Just don't go ! Avoid !! this is just a fly tippers paradise with burnt out wooden buildings.



Anyway as I type this I spotted the article in the local rag.