Sunday 31 May 2015

Bailey Mill, Saddleworth - May 2015

I'd visited Bailey Mill, a few years go and it was one of my first explores.

In the area with Tbolt and we couldn't not pop in, given our first explore of the day in the area was a little bit rubbish to be very honest.

The roof seems to have been replaced in parts with metal sheeting, which was as well as the heavens opened with some of Lancashire's finest Pennine pissy monsoon type rain.


The old place seems to be standing up well indeed all things considered, the cellar has been cleared of its monster machines of a bygone age and we strolled thru up to the upper levels with our progress unimpeded.




Enough of the windows I think.....





More windows, sorry.




It's hard to beat good Lancashire millage, get it whilst you can - the recession is apparently over and these old boys will no doubt start being bulldozed at a faster rate than of late.

Still an excellent 8/10 for me.

Saddleworth Yarn Dyers, Delph - May 2015

Bit of a last minute decision to visit this one, visited with Tbolt who had already had an early morning explore, against my fail.

A few of the gang had previously popped in over the last few weeks,  so we headed for the Lancashire hills to what we had been missing and so on with our visit to Saddleworth Yarn Dyers which closed about 2000.

History is a bit thin on the ground on this little place, so on with some pics.








A tad disappointed, we decided to scoot up the road....

Sunday 24 May 2015

Burnley Empire - May 2015

This week we decided to mix the team up a bit and our task was to seek out an ancient hidden manuscript which detailed the secrets of dating hot women.

Team Armadillo consisted of myself, the young whippet Underdog, Zer081 and the near nocturnal one only known as Tbolt.


 This Grade II listed theatre opened 29th October 1894, was converted to a cinema in 1938, with the march of VHS forcing a change of use to Bingo in 1982. Then the last shouts of the Bingo Caller occurred in 1995 and the building has sadly been slowing rotting away over the last twenty years.

Entering the building was a damp affair with water underfoot in the lower regions of the building, entering the main auditorium was a lot dryer but contained the hidden perils of rotting floors and some lovely challenging low light - at first glance the place would possibly be a quick and disappointing quest.

As the sunsets on Empire, welcome to the cheap seats - sadly no one wore a dress.

Welcome to the Cheap Seats


Our exhaustive search for the hidden manuscript began in earnest.







Cheers could be heard from all members of the team as we located the safe - as contained within was the long lost manuscript, with a rendition of Bravo Bravissimo and High Fives all round we digested the words of wisdom and carefully returned the legendary document back to the safety of said safe.

The history of txt

Time for an exit, we will ignore Tbolt and his novel way of testing floorboard safety (the hard way).



I would give this place a 9/10 - loads of pics I've not included, but it is bloody dodgy in places and seriously clinging on dear life, sadly sunsets on Empire.

Friday 22 May 2015

Michael Jackson Memorial Tree, Budapest - October 2014

"Here we go, The Michael Jackson Memorial Tree".

Tin Dog's stunned silence painted a picture in my mind of an internal conveyor belt of words coming crashing to a halt. For the first time in our trip he was silenced, just for a moment.

It would seem that when Mr Michael Jackson visited Budapest he would stay at the Kempinski Hotel, it has a tree outside and when he died fans set up a memorial to the late star.


Posters, candles, flowers and a flash mob every year on Jackson's birthday - a note for your diary 29th August Pop Pickers !

Michael Jackson Memorial Tree, Budapest

Michael Jackson Memorial Tree, Budapest

Michael Jackson Memorial Tree, Budapest

On our travels around the city over the next few days we passed the memorial tree on a number of occasions spotting a lady sat weeping at the foot of the tree, one tending to the flowers and one lighting candles in memorial late at night.

"You wouldn't get that for Rolf or Jimmy you know"

We liked Hungary.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Thornseat Lodge, Sheffield - May 2015

Thornseat Lodge, Bradfield is sadly not a report but one for the list of not to bother unless your passing and have all of two minutes to kill on what was Thornseat Lodge.

We visited as the heavens opened, so we missed a shot of the front of the house - may get a shot of that from the road next time I'm passing......







Sunday 17 May 2015

Phlegm - May Contain Spiders - May 2015

I don't really do spiders, after an unfortunate incident where I was chased around my apartment (naked) by my girlfriends tarantula.

Here is a spider I snapped, just to prove I can take other types of photos.
 Spider macro
Anyway, if anyone does read this waffle I post on here they will know I'm a bit of a fan of Sheffield artist Phlegm and so I'd been trying to find his Spider art in some burnt out barn in the outskirts of Sheffield.

Anyway I did, so we went for a look see -  myself, Tindog and that chap Urban Spaceman.

Spider Barn

Spider by Phlegm

Spider by Phlegm

Spider, by Phlegm

Spider by Phlegm

Spider by Phlegm

Spider by Phlegm
Now then, barn, spider - one spider I rather like a lot.

Until next time.....

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Revisit to Hartford Mill, Oldham - May 2015

With further promises of imminent demolition, Judderman and myself decided to have one last look at Hartford Mill, a monster of mills that is a local landmark or blot on the landscape depending on how you view it.

Standing empty for years, I last popped into this shell of a Grade II listed building back in March 2014.

I had gone for this view, but sadly the grey sky let us down sadly.


Time for a new mooch in the final days (saying that, the threat of demolition has been hanging over the place for years).


So we pottered in, as you do.










Not much to say really,  other than goodbye Hartford ?