Monday 28 March 2016

ABC Forum Cinema, Lime Street, Liverpool - March 2016

Sitting in a prominent position in Liverpool City Centre is the local landmark of the former Forum Cinema which has sat ever so slowly rotting since closure 29th January 1998.

This Grade II listed building opened its doors in 1931 as the ABC Forum with a showing of the film Almost a Honeymoon starring Clifford Mollison, finally closing as Cannon Forum in 1998 with a one off showing of the classic Humphrey Bogart film Casablanca. Having survived the the UK wide cinema closures of the 1980s caused by the march of home video, this cinema was forced to close due to the rise of the new multiplex cinemas.


Visited with Blacksnake, Tbolt, Lavino and a chap called Wherever I May Roam. (twice) this place is rather dark as you would expect, however it is dimly lit in parts with temporary lighting dotted here and there.

All photos have been done with Bulb setting F/4.5 and light painting.





Anyway, on to the main feature.






I do like a good cinema, 10/10

Monday 14 March 2016

Cwmorthin Quarry, Blaenau Ffestiniog, March 2016

Cwmorthin Quarry, in fact not quarry but a labyrinthine mine system with many miles of tunnels and caverns lies in Wales, the area is said to be the inspiration for Middle Earth in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.




Visited with Tbolt, Blacksnake and a young whippet of chap only know as HDarby, our guide into this Welsh underworld was the ever mole like explorer Blober - it is said he has traversed this mine system in excess of 50 times - which was as well, the place is maze and a sure deathtrap for those without without an experienced mole person.

Not many photos of the mine itself, the trip was more of an endurance test with downward scrambles and long climbs up over broken slate, at one point a recent roof collapse hampered our upwards exit.






All that remained was for Blober to lock up the mine to keep riff raff like us out of the place.


An excellent trip out, a big thanks to the latest Team Weasel recruit Blober for his 10/10 explore packed with history, insight and the bonus of safely bringing us to the surface.

Tuesday 1 March 2016

George Barnsley's, Cornish Works, Sheffield - Feb 2016

George Barnsley and Sons Ltd was founded in 1836 and specialised in the manufacture of files and cutting tools for use in the leather and shoe making industry. Despite the factory being a Grade II Listed building, the factory has been left to slowly rot since its closure in 2003.

Visited with Tbolt, a big thanks must be given to other fellow explorer peeps - you know who you are and yes very funny lads, very funny.

So moving on please take a seat...


Perhaps have a cup of tea.




WP_20160228_11_30_10_Raw (2)






WP_20160228_12_45_41_Raw (2)






An excellent explore and my pictures sadly do not do this place justice, sadly the floors are starting to go in a downwards direction in parts of the building but otherwise a pretty relaxed mooch.

Tbolt recons that it may be his best explore so far and I can understand why its an old favorite and I give it an 8/10. A place I'm sure you could revisit and revisit just to get 'that' shot.