Sunday 11 May 2014

Moorcock Inn Hotel - May 2014

Solo mooch - the usual suspects tending to goats, once again decanting fine port and the Mystery Inc boys shaking their heads at weather forecasts whilst pointing repeatedly at the clouds.

I bring you The Moorcock Inn Hotel in Waddington, not to be confused with other fine establishments of a similar name, if in doubt use Tripadvisor not a derp blog you muppet !

Up on the wiley,windy moors in Lancashire overlooking Pendle we have The Moorcock Inn Hotel, having closed in late 2010 this place sits in development hell with the local council recently refusing planning permission for demolition and the building of houses.

I'm not really a fan of these kind of places, I'm more of an industrial site moocher and well its kind of reflected in the shit pictures - also the constant sound of gunfire was a little off-putting.


As way of an introduction, each hotel room info pack had a little warning of business uncertainty which is fucking marketing genius.


Many rooms benefited from classic views of Lancashire.

Welcome to the oak paneled bar area and ballroom, as still currently advertised online....





Anyway that was that really, it didn't rain but it just was a little bit shit.

- This place is still being advertised on the net, despite closing down years ago, so beware and please note that pets are by prior arrangement only.



Meh !!! 3/10 (that is with one whole extra point for not seeing a drop of rain the whole day).


  1. I rather enjoyed my mooch round the place :)

    1. look forward to see the pics good Sir