Tuesday 10 November 2015

Soviet Aircraft Graveyard, Riga, Latvia - October 2015

If your ever kicking your feet at Riga Airport take the 5 minute walk to Riga Aviation Museum.

I personally wouldn't really call it a museum, more of a hording of Soviet era helicopters and aircraft cluttering a strip of land at the side of the airport car park behind a rather bland fence.

Hit the (the rather loud) buzzer on the gate and someone will let you in, pay the chap the 7 Euros and have a wander round this cluttered collection of wonderful Soviet Cold War relics of yesteryear.


At times it feels a bit like a junk yard, but this is part of its appeal, with guys banging away on bits of machinery. Its looks at first glance uncurated and has little pieces of string hang round some of the exhibits, as a barrier. I suspect that if the late Fred Dibnah ran a museum, it might be a little like this place.





Now top tip for Latvia, show an interest and ask - you may get and often do, such as a look inside this troop carrier.




But for me this is the star of the show

Soviet Aircraft Graveyard

Soviet Aircraft Graveyard

Not urbex, but very well worth a visit.

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