Wednesday 26 September 2012

Liverpool Graffiti Hunting - September 2012

It said in the magazine "Boarding a plane to an unbeknown country makes your mind wonder about all the photographic opportunities your going to encounter. The beautiful architecture, the....."

So I caught a train to Liverpool for a bit of graffiti hunting !

Given that Bolton is only 37 miles from Liverpool, I've only ever been to Liverpool twice in my life and after catching a ferry across the Mersey I'd never been back, until now.

Not sure where I'd spotted this, but I read that Cains Brewery in Toxteth would be a good starting point for the hunt for Scouse artwork and I wasn't disappointed.






From then on a trawl of the back streets, Liverpool has street art and graffiti in dollops, from Liverpools Beatles Heritage

 The Beatles - Liverpool graffiti

 The Beatles - Liverpool graffiti

to Banksy's Gangsta Rat

 Banksy - Gangsta Rat

Liverpool just kept on giving quality artwork






Turn a corner and more


Free Pussy Riot

Free Pussy Riot

to Beauty of the Beast, this one I just love, as does my nipper

Beauty of the Beast



With five hours of walking, looking in nooks and crannies these are just a small sample of the photos taken that day, I will return as I'm sure more treasures are awaiting me including the Banksy which had been covered in scaffolding and plastic.

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