Sunday 4 November 2012

Duke of Lancaster - November 2012 - Goin, Mr Zero, Fatheat

A quick post, as I type this I'm crossing my fingers for the cloud to clear for a trip out in the plane today, my plan is to fly down from Manchester to the Duke of Lancaster to get some updated aerial photographs, unless Captain Pugwash has other plans...

Flights just haven't happened for me since the Round Britain Rally with a combination of shocking weather, other plans and commitments with the addition of waiting my turn as I owed another flight to my nipper.

So yesterday I jumped in the car for the hour drive to North Wales to the Duke of Lancaster, I knew artists would be working on new artwork on the stern of the ship and that artist Goin had finished some work earlier in the week.

Goin "Council of Monkeys" at the Duke of Lancaster

Council of Monkeys by Goin, would seem to be a dig at the local council of Flintshire, a theme which is being expanded I was to find.

"Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape"

I was then taken aback by two further artworks, that I not heard about - new paint still drying and hinting at corruption perhaps within the local council ?

Hungarian artists Mr Zero and Fatheat had painted two works named the Prophets of Profit

‘Prophets of Profit’ by Mr Zero and Fatheat at the Duke of Lancaster

‘Prophets of Profit’ by Mr Zero and Fatheat at the Duke of Lancaster

This second one for me works well along side Bungle's artwork, The Voice of Authority

Bungle (left) ‘Prophets of Profit’ (right)by Mr Zero and Fatheat at the Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Oh, the stern you say, artists beavering away and it's out of view, plus the tide was in - lets see what happens today with this plane, today ?

To be continued.....

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