Tuesday 30 October 2012

Hipperholme Brickworks - October 2012

A truly wild and wet autumnal day in West Yorkshire, visited with Urban Spaceman with his SatNav set to Wuthering Heights Mode, just one setting down from car destruction mode.

A public footpath from the road runs directly thru this old brick factory, so no excuses on this one as its the ultimate easy in.

The once home of the Allen and Son Brickworks from 1905 until 1960s, although the factory does pre-date this.

Later known as G.R. Stein's Brickworks and then later the works was used by a plastics company as a manufacturing base until its final closure.

I spotted this place in a few reports and to be honest the place does seem to have gone down hill over the last year or so.







Quite a large site, with lots of outbuildings, many in a total state of disrepair and smashed to bits by the vandals, some buildings fire damaged and a few in a state of collapse.




On the upside the site has been turned into massive art gallery by graffiti artists.











It's worth exploring every nook and cranny if you have the time to make the effort, as little gems are hidden out of clear view and the first looks of this sprawling "dump" are deceptive.


Cletus Spuckler the slack-jawed yokel





Sorry for so many photos, I've missed out loads - so take a trip to Hipperholme Brickworks !!!!


  1. What are you using for your colour spot pics Mr G? You are getting far better results that me!

  2. picmonkey,its a bit unstable on my Firefox at the moment but does the job

  3. A friendly note to would be explorers:
    Somebody has been on this site, stealing lintels. Lintels are not an edible pulse bean, but the structural element above doors and windows preventing collapse. So please keep your eyes peeled as you roam. Some of the door openings are only being held up by the cobwebs. They just might collapse at any moment. Be careful folks!

  4. Thanks Mr G. I've monkeyed with picmonkey too. I must practice!...

  5. hi, what camera did you use to take these? great photos by the way

  6. Replies
    1. i live near this, so will have a walk down. is their anywhere else near youd recommend visiting, also theirs clifton fever hospital near which is also good.

    2. I've been told the fever hospital has a bad feel to it, if you believe that kind of stuff. I've only really started to get my teeth into Yorkshire, Sheffield is the place to visit and Bradford has a few mills.

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  8. Hi! I works for GR Stein until the late 70's, including a couple of years up at Allens in about 76/78.
    I've got a couple of pictures on my PC that show the time when we were developing a new type of Selfrac insulation brick based purely on clay and sawdust as opposed to the clay/sawdust and polystyrene beads used previously.
    I really must make a return visit to try to place some of the shots above, bearing in mind the note above about the absence of lintels!

    I deleted previous remark 'cos I'd like notifying if anyone reads it :)

    1. Hi, thanks for popping by my little blog thing. It is a few years since I had a wander around this place and I suspect it will have gone down a lot since 2012. Take care.