Monday 3 June 2013

Photo theft - taking on the big boys

So your looking at my blog or Flickr and you like my photographs ? Well I hope you do, but you wouldn't want to steal them would you ?? Surely not ???

Now I freely admit that I'm not the best photographer in the world, hopefully not the worst, but in May of this year it came to my attention that a certain global sports company had taken upon itself to use some of my pictures via Twitter, Facebook and their company blog.

My main first issue was my photographs had been ripped off and placed on this companies own servers, the second the cost to myself of taking the pictures, thirdly the time and effort I put in to take them - simply to have them ripped off without being consulted or asked. I could go on and on and on but simply put it just should not have happened.

So before you do steal/use or whatever you want to call it, ask me, as I stated to the American lawyers "I am not an ogre, but I just won't be stepped on".

An out of court settlement was made to myself running into thousands of dollars, including a payment to a cancer charity of my choice, so as I have previously stated, please, please, please don't steal my pictures - ask.

I have regularly allowed my photos to be used with and without charge, sometimes with a small donation to a local cancer charity.

So if you want to get in contact, simply click on a picture and send me a message thru Flickr - it avoids the car crash that ensues after the theft of my hard work.

Thank you for reading - just message me.

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