Sunday 23 June 2013

Smile on Faces, Blackburn - June 2013

A wet and windy day and we found ourselves in the wonderful town of Blackburn. I say we, myself and the Urban Spaceman - both wearing our new shiny leather boots, courtesy of my "pen friends" at Palladium Boots.

Nestled in the red light area of Blackburn, this former nursery had closed in 2007 following an Ofsted report that advised children "would be or may be exposed to harm". Add to that a local bail hostel next door and the rest is history as they say.


Didn't look bad at first glance.....



and more


and more spooky stairs (must of scared the kids shitless this place)


until we got to the party room





Sadly, a dark, derp of building, with signs of fire bugs and metal fairies, it is lacking anything of any interest.

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