Tuesday 4 March 2014

The Old Filter House, Lancaster - February 2014

Tin Dog, is a person of words and he sent me a cracker for this rather overly damp Sunday -

Baggerspion : The urge to peer into boarded up construction sites. 

Literally - Digger Truck Spy Hole.
A German word with no English equivalent.
- Urban Spaceman wanted to do some Baggerspion.

Urban Spaceman as a traveling salesman of strangely oversized pink shower curtain hooks, spotted a little place just outside Lancaster, near a place from my past - Galgate. "Take a look at this, looks like a place for us !!" our intrepid explorer bragged and well he sent us this link, from the local rag. 

He wanted to Baggerspion and trusting the salesman of strangely oversized pink shower curtain hooks was the order of the day. Tin Dog simply shook his head, yet agreed.

We managed to drag him past Forton Services, he has sexual advances on this place, he dribbles at the sight of the place - very sad, but he also has a fetish for Accrington bricks.

Meanwhile at Galgate, our explore awaited....



It wasn't looking good, at all.



In fact this place had no redeeming features what so ever, so as the rain began to fall even more heavily shelter was taken in the bus stop - the local homeless had been sheltering also and we scuffled for space as a number of buses appeared thru the gloom in groups of three.


Alas a shit little, well not even an explore.

A jovial journey home, until Forton Services came into view - but that is another story for another day.....


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