Friday 18 April 2014

Naylor Jennings, West Yorkshire - April 2014

You can't go far wrong on a drive thru Yorkshire, always something to see and having just left Otley I found myself leafing the pages of my little yellow book of derp and stuff.

The yellow book was part of bulk buy of pocket books from Sainsburys, they didn't do black and I didn't fancy the shocking pink - 48p reduced from £3.50 a bargain with Nectar Points thrown in.

My yellow book is my bible of stuff and every one should have one (or 4 in my case), it has postcodes, addresses, even longitude and latitude in some cases given I'm a geek.

"Naylor Jennings, 2.8 miles", a u-turn was made and we aborted some WW2 thing we had spotted from the car earlier.

From the outside the To Let sign was a tad misleading, this couldn't be the same Naylor Jennings I had read about ???


But it was, mass satanic mill type stuff thrashed to an inch of its life.

Blood had been spilt on a careless entry but our intrepid explorers continued, only pausing to bid good day to some passing graffiti artists and later to adjust the tourniquet on the near mortal wound.




Its a bit maze like in places and a bit of a knacker, but still retains some charm which I'm guessing the local householders don't appreciate.





Overall, it was a not bad little mooch and another tick in the yellow book (with its newly blood splattered design).

I just wish I'd given the place just a little more time to explore.

- visited with Urban Spaceman.

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