Sunday 31 August 2014

Accrington Conservative Club - August 2014

We hadn't gone to see this place, every time I had ever popped by it was sealed up, we had simply wanted to park the cars and bloody hell it was wide open and shouting at us to come in.

Urban Spaceman would be gutted, by hey grasp an opportunity with both hands and so we did, myself, Judderman and the one only known as ZerO81.



This grand building is Accrington Conservative Club, the largest in the United Kingdom, within this Grade II listed building is a grand ball room that once held 1000 guests. Built in 1890 it sits rotting, neglected and fire damaged.

It is death on a stick, so we decided to take a look as you do and I present the "best bits" for your delectation.

First off we have a mere sample of some of the eek bits....

The first one you go have to navigate to advance to your final goal.


Now that is what I call a fart !

Up to the ball room and main bar area.

Oh, big boards cover big holes with a big drop.



The ball room, despite being open to the elements is in pretty good condition and at the stage end of the ball room is a staircase which is safe, photogenic but sadly won't get you down to the exit so the only way out is the way you came up.




Spooky attic time.

A look back at the ball room and its time to take your time to slowly and ever so carefully walk the plank of death and rotting floors and staircases.


Ground floor was major derp and we made our exit to live another day, just.


A death trap with hidden beauty, 7/10.

Photos later used in a Daily Mail article

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