Friday 3 April 2015

Camelot Theme Park - Channel 4 Shorts

February 2015, Lancashire, it rained, we made this.

Well.....  drones, urbex, Camelot, why not ?? so I added my voice "skills" to one of a series of short films for Channel 4, episode 3 of Drones in Forbidden Zones.

Edited to hell, I rather like the finished video.


Other videos in the series are available, sadly without my dulcet tones.

 Camelot Theme Park

Camelot Theme Park - closed


So, what do you think ???

Camelot Theme Park - closed


  1. Nice little vid. Makes me want to visit it even more despite the extent of the dilapidation.

    Btw, not sure when you next plan to hit Liverpool but I drove past this the other day


    first time I've noticed it but apparently it's been closed since 2004. Just thought you might be interested :)

  2. I see issues, but thanks, I will have ganders at that next time