Tuesday 18 August 2015

Pinner Quarry, Crawshawbooth - August 2015

Not sure of the directions to this place, middle of a field in Lancashire, visited with Tbolt and our guide for the day Urban Caveman - the latter being some kind of human mole with no feeling of pain.

With an entrance marked by a dead fox, the vile smell of the maggot infested rotting beast lingered in the darkened passages.

No doubt this was total death trap of a place, but non the less we entered deeper into the darkness and pottered around a labyrinth of abandoned man made caves in search of an old crane.


The crane, the crane !!


Then we did some wire wool spinning, as you do and we set fire to our scalps and enjoyed the smell of burning wire, hair and flesh - it smelt better than the putrid fox.




All good fun and we left for another destination, again chosen by Urban Spaceman - sadly the next explore will never be mentioned or muttered or ever written about outside Team Armadillo, EVER.