Tuesday 16 February 2016

Limestone Farm. Belper - February 2016

Welcome to a field in Derbyshire in England in February, its cold and wet and full of derp.....

So with Team Weasel many men down for this Derbyshire trip we trudged muddy fields trying to avoid (not very) deep mud, cow pats and some overly friendly cows.

Visited with the Hobbit like creature only known as Zer081 and Judderman sporting his ill chosen shoes for Cross Country, I find it very therapeutic to see man in mature years burning off extra calories purely due to the wrong shoes and the need to avoid puddles, cow poo and well, the general day to day hazards of the open countryside.


With no history on the place, the old newspapers sat around the place dated back to 1977 and the owners where long gone, except for the bovine beasts that roam its muddy paddocks as if on guard.

A very compact building with strong winter sun streaming thru the windows sadly result in my pictures not really do this little hidden gem justice.







WP_20160214_11_33_19_Raw (2)


Not worth a trip for this location in isolation, however if your in the area its a resounding 7/10 as we continue our search for this years epic without any success what so ever.


  1. hi mate can you email me so i can get some of the locations

    1. Toby? sorry no. All the imformation you need to pinpoint the location can be obtained from the contents of this page. In the worlds of Beiber ". My message is you can do anything if you just put your mind to it".

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