Tuesday 28 June 2016

Bailey Mill, Delph - after the fire June 2016

The evening of 14th June a fire ripped thru Bailey Mill's massive expanse with the seven-storey Listed building, ultimately the building collapsed and was unsaveable.

UntitledDonkey Mill

Passing, some ten days later, the area was still tainted with the lingering smell of smoke and now cordened off with very budget Heras style fence - not even secured to stop the little kids playing in the street getting in. Smoke and mirrors.

So here is what is left of this once proud building, now rubble and ashes.

Bailey Mill, Delph

Bailey Mill, Delph

A sad loss of industrial heritage, although I suspect the local householders may see it differently and are now possibly just a little bit glad to see the back of what had slowly become a blot on the landscape.

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  1. Poor Bailey :( I loved this place - hope they castrate the guilty scrote !!