Monday 1 May 2017

Rockwood Pigments, Matlock Bath - April 2017

A busy Bank Holiday Weekend, a cheeky monkey entrance trying to avoid the tourists. What could go wrong ? Well nothing really, it was just a little bit poo.

Visited with Tbolt and Snapt.

Sat on the side of the river, under the cliffs of High Tor in Matlock Bath is this long closed pigment factory, cable cars sail overhead.







It was at this point we spotted the open cave entrance and we could not resist having a nosey and in we went. Shortly in we spotted some illicit mining and the roof seemed to be held up by some amateur Jenga puzzle. Tbolt turned to comment and the puzzle moved and a section of wood fell on the floor.

This may have been an elaborate ploy to keep people out, it worked.


Didn't really float my boat this place, 2/10

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