Wednesday 3 October 2012

Cellars Clough Mill, Marsden - Sept 2012

We hadn't intended to visit this place, but on route into Yorkshire over Saddleworth Moor the weather started to go downhill, once a again myself and The Urban Spaceman had struck gold with the crap weather and shocking light.

Into the village of Marsden we went, a rather nice large village often used for film and TV locations including the cult favorite The League of Gentlemen and "comedy gold"? Last of the Summer Wine.

Just off the beaten track, deep in the valley on the outskirts of the village we find Cellars Clough Mill. Built in 1888, it's now sitting rotting in development hell. To be honest this one looks like it was built to stand the test of time and will hopefully survive the current recession to become swanky apartments in what is a rather lovely canal side position (even when its dark miserble and wet outside).

Originally a silk mill, it was powered by a steam beam engine which now is part of the collection of working steam engines at the Bolton Steam Museum

Anyway on with the pics.

This first shot kind of gives the wrong impression, the security on this site was all smoke and mirrors, a little thinking and it was a simple walk in - although it would snooker thieves which is what we want to be honest.







A bit of graffiti here and there, broken windows galore.









A good little mooch, but to be very honest as derp goes this was just a big damp old ex dark satanic mill with nothing overly exciting to shout about, other than it looked like it may have been used as a cannabis farm at some point and the electricity would still seem to be connected as the 3 phase was merrily buzzing away at the meter.



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