Sunday 20 January 2013

Heritage at Risk 2012 - Crimble Mill - from the air

Back in October 2012 we popped round to Crimble Mill in Heywood, Lancashire, not to explore just to have a gander at one of the Mills on the English Heritage at Risk Register

The blog entry can be found here.

Last week I was passing and grabbed the following shot, I've posted it on Flickr, so just click the pick to zoom in.

Crimble Mill, Heywood - from the air

Another mill sadly being left to rot.


  1. has this gone now ? trying to think which one it is ... in fact I think it's one I got right up to and looked like it was still partially in use ... unless I'm mixing it up with somewhere else ?

  2. No it is still hanging one I believe, this bit is dead - a haulage yard is still in use.

    1. the bit with the chimney is the dead bit