Sunday 20 January 2013

Fritzel's Mill, Saddleworth Moor - January 2013

I'm not going to go into the history of this place, although its a damp smelly old building it does seem to have escaped major vandalism thus far.

Visited with the Urban Spaceman on a chilly, snowy January afternoon.


A couple of reports had popped up, so I thought we would pop in for what surely would be an easy in.

Page 26 of the Ninjalicious guide Access all Areas, advises don't leave a trace and avoid snow, hmmmm.



Sadly what we found was indeed a damp smelly old building, it did have a few interesting bits, but sadly for me not enough to keep my interest.






It was a this point we found our further movement blocked and after a good mooch round the further building was a no go for us, so time to head back.



A quick look in Fritzel's cellar was also unrewarding and so we headed back to our exit, only to be greeted by a cheery security guard who had followed our various tracks in the snow.

A laid back kind of chap, but non the less we left, with my usual trademark photo of Urban Spaceman being escorted off site, sadly no hi-viz or rabid dog.


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