Tuesday 8 January 2013

Inside Chernobyl - Daily Mail

Having now booked our trip to the Ukraine for March, our party of three is busily hoovering up anything we can on Chernobyl and Pripyat.

So a pleasant surprise to stumble across a photographic article in the Daily Mail, published 4th January 2013, photographs by Timm Suess.

Loving the photographs (despite the HDR) which I had seen in a previous hoovering, but the article by the Daily Mail is so very misleading, apart from general errors in the article Inside Chernobyl’s abandoned hospital, 27 years after Ukrainian nuclear plant went into meltdown should be titled 23 years after.....

Mr Suess visited the site back in March 2009, this is well documented in his journal of the trip and well worth time to read.

Does 'the once modern care facility stands untouched' statement stand ?, well only time will tell, but shame on the Daily Mail for not highlighting the true facts on the age of the photographs, if you booked a trip on the basis of the article, you could be disappointed...

Please remember decay waits for no man.

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