Monday 18 February 2013

Winstanley Hall - February 2013

First good weather in ages, so myself and the intrepid explorer Urban Spaceman went for a leisurely drive over to pie eater land, Wigan.

We opted for the long walk round as part of the government's anti obesity campaign, anything else just wasn't cricket.

Built in the 16th century, this Grade II listed building is being left to rot, having been empty since the 1960s - the state of this building is truly shocking.




A rather grand looking building, we navigated the sprawling brambles round to the courtyard.


The courtyards centrepiece being a rather large statue, fenced off to save it from further decline.



Sadly the rest of the place is in a shocking state of repair, considering parts of the building date back to Tudor times.



Internally the floors are going and gone, ceilings are down, fireplaces stolen, acrow props litter the building holding the place together. I'd seen photos from 2011 with wood paneled rooms, sadly now all stripped and gone.




This stone staircase had a bit of a wobble.





Winstanley Hall

We decided to leave before the place fell down around our ears, floors wobbled and cracked beneath our feet, time to leave.


Next stop Chernobyl.....


  1. Wonderful place, I especially like the black and white shot of the staircase !

  2. Fantastic images, shame to hear that the wood panels have been stripped out of the rooms. I can't help wonder what the Hall might have looked like had Wigan Council not been so pedantic over 10 years ago when a local builder bought it and wanted to convert it in to apartments.

    1. thanks for the kind comments, sadly the downfall of this property is reflective of the country as a whole, the more you look the more properties you see slowly rotting across the country. Very sad.