Friday 8 February 2013

Duke of Lancaster - media outbreak !!

As a recap on my post of earlier in the week, it would seem the council prepares to stand firm as a media trickle turns to a frenzy.

"Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape"

The drip, drip of coverage in the local press coverage is now turning to a torrent nationally, first the Daily Mail then the next day another national paper with massive coverage Metro with the upmarket broadsheets
The Guardian  and The Telegraph also featuring the many colours of the Duke of Lancaster.

The story of the Duke of Lancaster now slowly begins to creep across Europe, featuring in the Italian newspaper Repubblica

 The Duke of Lancaster

As interest grows in the Duke of Lancaster only time will tell if Flintshire Country Council will work with DOLAS, DuDug and the owners of the ship to help save the ship, instead to working against them.

 Duke of Lancaster

We now enter interesting times, the world is now watching.....

 The Duke of Lancaster and its artwork can be viewed at Mostyn, North Wales from the Welsh Coast Path, with close car parking at postcode CH8 9DX, it now has a growing list of talented international artists queuing up to exhibit work on the ship, its a trip well worth making.

 Duke of Lancaster

 Duke of Lancaster

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