Monday 26 August 2013

SDV1B DV Camcorder - Mini Review

I took the plunge and bought one of these little babies on Ebay, described as the rather grand SDV1B HD H.264 1080P 12M Waterproof Mini Sport DV Camera Video Action Camcorder.

Lets have a play.

First off out the box, first thing that stands out is the waterproof housing that comes with the camera, solid and robust, the paperwork says waterproof to a depth of 30 metres (I won't be testing that).


All manner of clamps and straps are included, my main reason for purchase was for use in the plane, and so pre doing anything with the camera in the plane I gave the camera a dry run in the car with the sucker fixing. Thankfully the rather robust sucker sticks like shit to a blanket, so here's a few tests, no YouTube enhancements added other than rotation of the clips and addition of some YouTube stock music.

So here is the downside, my first supplied camera simply refused to accept the required micro SD card and simply shot the buggers thru the air. Thankfully the Ebay seller was truthfully shipping & handling out of London and exchanged the camera for an new one - but I still have to insert and eject the card on the replacement camera using the prong of a fork - not at bad as it sounds, but its a fiddle if your out and about.

The battery flap is a bit shit, failing to lock and is a bit flimsy. The camera itself does get a little hot when in use - or perhaps this is the battery ??

£64. including postage, I'm not disappointed (so far) - but you may be, watch this space.
Time for some Urbex with the my new toy.....

PS. you can and I have now turned the date/time stamp off

UPDATE - we destroyed the SDV1B DV Camcorder

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