Monday 19 August 2013

Urbex News Round Up - August 2013

Sadly many of these are taken from the Daily Mail, not my favorite newspaper - the Daily Fail as many call it now seems to have fallen in head over heels in love with urban exploration over the last few months.

So here we go with the shit and not so shit snippets you may have missed in the world of mooching and photography.

First off men go mad in a cave (sorry ladies may have joined in???) with the 28 Days Later mob going mad for spilling the beans on an exploration area and bat lovers go batty on the disturbance of bats - lots of angry voices and threats of animal protection prosecution stuff. Basically the Daily Mail loved it and got all excited, 28DL got all forum-ish and the bat lovers got all of a flutter, read for yourself but the pictures I think are most excellent.

Back to the Daily Mail again and this one hit all the right spots for the Mail, an abandoned railway station of the Nazis, with a top secret hidden research laboratory - the Mail seems to like a good anything that has any remote link to Nazis story.

For a bit of balance an nice little feature from the BBC on Severalls Hospital, the infamous Colchester Asylum.

Now here is one you don't come across everyday, Indian Urbex, a mooch round an old powerstation and its rather good.

Daily Mail hits the back of the net again with a article on Fordlandia

Over to Chicago, as WGN-TV run a feature on urban exploration and users of Instragram

The Telegraph takes a pictorial look at the subject of Dark Tourism sites from around the world, Fukushima anyone ? anyone ?

Finally the Daily Mail, again, with Lancaster Moor Asylum 

- That's your lot.

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