Sunday 4 August 2013

Stevenson Square, Manchester - July 2013

A wander to Stevenson Square, Manchester to view the Manchester Outhouse Project again to see the new art.

Sadly the Summer weather came to an end and to put it simply, I was a drowned rat walking like the Tin Man as walked thru Ancoats.


At this point I should add that all the pictures on this entry are basically salvaged. Shooting with my Pentax K20D in RAW I'd never had had any issues until this weekend - photos taken, photos lost - the K20D would seem to have a firmware issue and I'd never updated the firmware - saying that I've been using the camera for over 12 months without issue.

After wasting hours trying to recover the photos with various recovery software I found Stellar Photo Recovery would pull them back in PEF, so I registered the software and sadly the newer version didn't find the missing photo files as PEF but it would pull the files back in a NEF files format, my DXO software wouldn't open the files unless I upgraded to Elite DXO. Thankfully Adobe have a file converter that converted the NEF files to DNG, which I could then open - but not as RAW files. So here we go, whats left of the photos.

So on with the new paint

 Stevenson Square, Manchester

Stevenson Square, Manchester

Stevenson Square, Manchester

Stevenson Square, Manchester

Stevenson Square, Manchester

Hulk - by Jay Sharples,  Stevenson Square, Manchester



Sadly a few shots missing.

Time for some urbex.....

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