Sunday 10 May 2015

Williamsons, Oldham, Lancashire - May 2015

Williamsons' had been trading since 1920, then one day in 2013 they didn't open for business.

Hardware supplies, fire and rescue equipment, conveyor systems and fork handles - they sold it all - but sadly no more.


Time for a visit from Team Weasel - Zer081, myself and the one only known as The Judderman.

With a previous recce by Judderman months ago amounting to a no go, this had been on the to do list for a while. Heads up from Trousercowboy, a big thanks must be given. Judderman got all excited for he is a lover of nicknacks and the precious little things that are to be found in local shops for local people.

Having noted this place sold everything, we entered in our usual geriatric fashion with big cheesy grins.


Lots of bits in this place, lots of hidden rooms - up and down and left and right and "oh look yet another little bit".




Turning a corner upstairs and by jove ! I stumbled across two fine Chaps Tbolt and Underdog snapping away, an unexpected pleasure if ever there was one.





Stables, legend has it you can smell a hundred years of shit, sadly this day it was odor free.




I've missed out loads (seriously loads of stuff) and you need to visit this place and soon - sadly the roof has been stripped and the place will go down hill rapidly.

Wide angle lens a must for the nooks and crannies - which sadly I don't own.