Sunday 13 September 2015

Heritage Days 2015 - Mersey Tunnel Tour

Every year in England thousands of places usually closed to the public open their doors for a four day festival every September, Heritage Days is your chance for a totally legal explore.

For our little wander Tbolt and myself took a drive over to Liverpool for the Mersey Tunnel Tour, the tour we took was a free sample tour of the control room of Georges Dock Building, Queensway Tunnel and under Queensway Tunnel.

You can do a full tour weekday evenings and Saturday morning, but you have to book in advance and we definitely will be soon, a bargain at £6 for the full 2 hour wander if our little potter was anything to go by.





Thanks to our guides for a totally fascinating look behind the scenes of something we all take for granted and begrudge paying the toll for, we will be back for more.


  1. I want to do this soon. I've read about this before and it sounds great. I was a bit disappointed with the Liverpool tours available. Mostly churches that are open to the public anyway. Bridewell Studios was one I wanted to do but no babysitter was available :(

    1. we did a mini tour, the main tour sounds excellent - I suspect, no I know it will be the best £6.you spend in years

  2. I think the full tour would be a monster