Tuesday 22 September 2015

Soda Straw Railway Tunnels - September 2015

"You need Wellies" read the text from Tbolt, "Blacksnake is taking us out, green Wellies are the ones to be seen in".

A cryptic text, I've not worn Wellies since about age nine and then always black, green was a game changer.

£10 lighter in my wallet, I was rather proud of my new green Wellies and so we set off to meet our learned host for the day, Mr Blacksnake - a gentleman and a scholar.


To walk the length of a city, beneath the city, in darkness that ate the light of torches was genuinely enchanting with deafening silence only interrupted in parts by the sound of an overhead rail line.

This was lost Victorian civil engineering at its greatest.

China Town, Liverpool

And so boys will be boys and wire wool play was the order of the day - with Tbolt wandering into the murky waters.



and onto the the soda straws

Soda Straw

Soda Straws

So onto the scores on the doors, 8/10 with a top up to 10/10 for Blacksnakes knowledge and history insights.

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