Tuesday 12 June 2012

Eaton Hall, Cheshire

Every so often in the plane you see something special, to be honest I find it a privilege to cadge a lift at the best of times - but every so often you get to see something that is behind closed doors to riff raff like me.

There is so many places and up and down the UK you just can't fly for national security, your own safety from the commercial jets and MOD boys with their toys - but a lot of the country is open for exploration and is just open game.

We hadn't gone looking for this place, it was simply on a route and as we flew past we slammed the brakes on for a look.

Eaton Hall, this place is enormous and is owned by The Duke of Westminster, a rather wealthy chap, listed as the richest British citizen with his pockets bulging to the tune of £7.35 billion, this guy owns large parts of Mayfair and we are not taking board games here.

So lets have a quick nosy, one thing I didn't get a shot of was the railway line that runs round the gardens.

So starting with a poor picture, bit of reflection on this one, but I've always wanted my own obilisk and my own herd of deer.






Nice pool, bit of a long walk back to the house (top right).

 Eaton Hall, Cheshire

Eaton Hall, Cheshire

Eaton Hall, Cheshire

Eaton Hall, Cheshire

Bit big for me, with it being 10,872 acres (so it says on Wiki) the lawns must be a bugger to cut.

Until next time....


  1. They have open days if you want to go and have a look around...


    1. nice one, may go for a mooch, looks very impressive

  2. never even heard of this place - looks very nice.