Friday 15 June 2012

Urbex, it's the new.....

First off a quick link from the London Evening Standard, Bradley L. Garrett again, with an article for the masses who just don't get it.

On a mission with London's urban explorers

Just short of a few more pics, but all good, unlike this second story to be found in one of Northwest England's finest rags, Lancashire Telegraph.

Now I'm not a fan of the site 28 Days Later as its a big site, possibly the most well known Urbex site and thus attracts every idiot and his mates, metal thieves, vandals and most of all the lazy local hacks.

Before we move onto this little gem of classic urbex bashing reporting, I'd like to put on record I'm a fan of local journalism when its done right. As for 28 Days Later, I'm aware they have closed members accounts if any foul play/bad practices have been even hinted at.
Urban explorers criticised over tasteless Rossendale Hospital prank

Possibly bad taste, I don't really care to be honest, what I personally find in bad taste is that property developers buy up site after site of industrial heritage, listed buildings and then simply let them rot.  Many sites are left in such a state to the point that they have to be bulldozed despite what promises they made to everyone when the bought the place when pushing "big" plans thru local planning departments.

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