Monday 4 June 2012

21st-23rd June 2012 - Microlight Round Britain Rally

Sorry gang I'm after some money, not a lot - a couple of quid ? a tenner ? ok a fiver ???

Yeh !! cool ----> Just Giving

Ok, ok, more info - first off I don't normally do this sponsorship stuff, I prefer to give than get involved.

But it's like this, when I was a kid my mum's friend lived up the street, my mum's friend often did me some soup for lunch - but the soup was boiled not simmered, but it didn't matter coz they had a tortoise.

Jon (her son, not the tortoise) has kind of popped in and out of my life for years and over the last 14 months or so i've been out flying with him armed with my cameras - all the time he's been putting together his plan to single handedly fly round our little planet without being shot down as a Drone.

His attempts at his trip of madness have been delayed by fatherhood, armed conflicts, nuclear disaster and various problems with paperwork - in the meantime I was plotting.....

Last year I watched a cracking documentary on BBC2, The Real Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, these guys where bonkers - I wanted to do it, I needed to do it....

"teams of obsessive microlight enthusiasts who navigate their way across Britain armed with a map and compass, sleeping under the wing, and doing their best to keep their aircraft in one piece - while at the same time clocking up more miles than everyone else".

That's not us in the video by the way - just in case you thought I'd lost my stunning good looks.

Roll on on June 2012 & Jon messages, I need a navigator - "we plot a line on a map, allow for wind, fly the heading and spot features that help us figure out if we are still in the right county..."

Ok, ok now for the money bit - Jon already has a Just Giving  page and it makes sense to keep that ball rolling, so all donations will go directly to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre,  helping to make a real difference, to improve the care, treatment, support & facilities they can offer, along with funding pioneering research into cancer treatment. Oh don't forget the Gift Aid - your way of getting the Taxman to put his hand in his pocket on your behalf. 
Rest assured photos galore and the odd video clip, but most of all I am going to be pushed out of my comfort zone for your pleasure.

Oh, the tortoise, he's not coming and I'm useless at navigation (but don't tell Jon as he wanted the tortoise to come).

Thanks for looking and a little donation ?

----> Please & thank you (via Just Giving)

PS the donations are via Just Giving and no expenses for the trip are being deducted - any money given goes directly to the charity.

Here's a few pics I've taken, that you may or may not have seen.

Windermere - Winter 2012

Riding the cloud


Longstone Lighthouse, Farne Islands, Northumberland

Still here, please, pretty please

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