Tuesday 5 June 2012

In training - Microlight Round Britain Rally 2012

5th June 2012 - only 15 days to wacky races.

Camera at the ready and off we go to Barton Airport (City Airport Manchester to give it the modern swanky name) for a bit of navigation training from pilot Jon Hilton aka Captain Pugwash.

Well it would seem the GPS is being left at home and manual calculations will be used together with a map and simple landmark spotting.

 Holy Moses ! That's not a computer

Looked all right on paper, but to be honest losing Skipton.....


Anyway we fly back to Barton with the camera not used at all, so I whipped out the phone as we had to land on bumpy runway 20.


For anyone in the competition reading this, are we playing bluff or double bluff ?

Only time will tell.....

More info ?  21st-23rd June 2012 - Microlight Round Britain Rally

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