Thursday 27 December 2012

E.P. Bray, Glossop - December 2012

Previously visited in August 2011, The Rainbow Factory was always going to be worth a return visit, or so we thought.

Upon arrival at the site it was all change, the cottages boarded up with danger signs dotted around the buildings, so lets take a mooch round the old place 16 months on.



We loved this place on our first visit, so in we went....


 The place was a little more faded, but still full of colour at first glance.





But noting prepared us for the mindless vandalism that had occured, we expected the metal theft but the place had simply be thrashed with anything that could be smashed was smashed.


Sure it still had its colours but gone was its eeriness, the spooky doors no longer slammed around the building for no reason and the roof no longer groaned and creaked.



It was as if the building, although externally in reasonable state, had simply had its heart broken.

I'm not going to dwell on shots of mindless vandalism, but lets just say it had lost its quirky charms that once, not so long ago, had us spellbound.