Wednesday 24 July 2013

Meh to the Royal baby - Urbex in the papers June/July 2013

Royal baby overload ??? Lets have a round up of some recent mildly interesting urbex reads in the papers.

First off America in Ruins in the Guardian, States Of Decay, confirming that its not just Detroit that has all the derp of America

Another link this time from Denver confirming again that its not just Detroit sitting rotting, in this article about a disused airport.

Oh dear Detroit time again - after the recent location filming for the new Robocop film property developers are now looking to purchase the old Packard Plant

America scores again with this article in the Daily Mail, an old spooky asylum in New York, well not that spooky to be honest but the Daily Mail seems to be strangely addicted to urban exploration at the moment.

Urban Exploration goes legit - so it says here, I got bored reading this one.

Haunted ghost hotel, oh my !! Japan - we don't get to hear enough about Japan.

Blimey, its back to the Daily Mail again using fancy mildly titillating words such as top secret, hidden, codenamed - its Nazi bunker time !!!

Shanghai and rooftop stuff - not for me to be honest.

Finally, local news, late news (you have missed the shows) but Massive Attack and Adam Curtis staged shows in Manchester's long disused Mayfield Railway Station.

- The Guardian have 360 degree spinny thingy thing here of part of the Mayfield building

Hope that distracted you from this Prince Thingy story for a few moments relief.

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