Wednesday 24 July 2013

Bolton from the air, again - July 2013

Time to catch up with more aerial shots from around Bolton, following the last selection from January

Once again all pictures taken by myself, this time early July 2013 on a couple of trips out to other places.

This first picture ended up in our local newspaper, big mistake on my part with a lack of the story printed and parts of the article simply made up and the promises of a mention of the pilots charity webpage simply broken.

Bottom line, Saturday afternoon in Bolton Town Centre and the place is dead.

Bolton Town Hall

This next shot of Bolton, again showing Bolton Town Hall and was taken the weekend after, its a Sunday shot.

 Bolton Town Hall

Newport Street, Bolton, showing the Bolton Gateway Bridge in all its "glory" - on the bottom right hand side is the proposed area for the new Bolton transport hub or as some would call it a bus station or possibly escape.

Bolton Gateway Bridge, Newport Street, Bolton

The A666. St Peters Way, going under Bradford Street, you can see Shifnal Street in this shot, strangely if you use the words Shifnal Street, Bolton on any blog or photo it gets extra views due to Shifnal Street historically being the red light district of Bolton - this is pretty much not the case these days as the local police have cleaned up the area.

Bradford Street/A666 St Peters Way, Bolton

 Arrrrrrr, the Jumbles Reservoir, when I was a school lad they used to make run round this in the snow, ice and Lancashire's torrential rain as part of a torture regime codenamed cross country - bastards !!

Jumbles Reservoir

Over to Harwood, bordering Breightmet, off Stitch Mi Lane is the new school St Catherine's Academy which replaced the now demolished Withins School or as previously known County Grammar School.

St Catherine's Academy, Bolton

Harwood Quarry, Brookfold Lane.

Harwood Quarry, Bolton

Falcon Mill, Halliwell, one of the remaining dark satanic mills of Bolton

Falcon Mill, Halliwell, Bolton

Swan Lane Mill, Great Lever, Bolton

Swan Lane Mill, Bolton

Then back towards Bolton Town Centre, Bolton Parish Church and Churchgate

Churchgate, Bolton and Bolton Parish Church

Bolton Parish Church

Finally two shots of Bolton Town Centre, Bolton Town Hall and Le Mans Crescent.

Bolton Town Hall

Bolton Town Hall and Bolton Town Centre

More to follow....

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