Sunday 28 July 2013

Lancashire - from the air July 2013

I'm not sure what is Lancashire is anymore - or rather what is not Lancashire, Bolton used to be Lancashire but now its Greater Manchester and has been for many years.

So before anyone shouts "that's not Lancashire" please bare in mind a lot of people who live in Greater Manchester quote their address as Lancashire.

On with some pictures from the plane (mostly taken July 2013 - a few are older shots).

First off a mill, Lancashire is full of mills, a lot have fallen into disrepair over the years, many demolished and a good few converted to apartments.

This first one is Lion Mill, Royton, Oldham - it featured in the TV drama series Life on Mars.

Grape Mill, Royton, Oldham
Grape Mill, Royton, Oldham

Whilst we are over Oldham, Oldham Athletic Football Club
Oldham Athletic Football Club

and another mill, Manor Mill, Oldham - the Oldham area used to have over 70 mills
Manor Mill, Oldham

Rochdale, another Lancashire cotton mill town, with its gas towers and ugly concrete housing
Rochdale Gas Towers


On the moors above the mill town of Darwen sits Darwen Tower or as its also known Jubilee Tower - built in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.
Darwen Tower - Jubilee Tower tiltshift

Jubilee Tower, Darwen Tower

Thankfully its not all bleak industrial landscapes in Lancashire, plenty of greenery to see.
England's Springtime


Lever Castle, a folly of Lord Leverhulme, Rivington, near Chorley
 Lever Castle aka Liverpool Castle, Rivington

Moving towards Preston we have the wonderful Brockholes Nature Reserve (the nature reserve uses a few of my shots on its promotional literature).
Brockholes Nature Reserve, Preston

Brockholes Nature Reserve, Preston

Preston North End Football Club
  Preston North End Football Club

And so we come to Blackpool, once the play area for the workers of the Lancashire cotton mills, even when I was child a day out in Blackpool was something special, a few hours on the Pleasure Beach on the various roller coasters and a walk down the Golden Mile with a walk down one of the three piers. Not to mention a visit to the now closed  Doctor Who Exhibition . Blackpool in the 1970s even have Space City, an exhibition of everything Gerry Anderson from Thunderbirds to Space 1999. Them were the days.....

Blackpool Pleasure Beach





Just down the sky/coast/road ? from Blackpool is the village of Pilling, with the wonderful windmill at Damside Mill.
Damside Mill, Pilling

Damside Mill, Pilling

Just outside of the main village, is the beach of Pilling Sands, where strangely in the this world of of health and safety your still allowed to land your plane of the beach and go for an ice cream.

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Until next time.......

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