Thursday 10 October 2013

Chilli Action Cam 3 HD - Velcroed to a DJI Phantom Drone

Following last weeks rapid destruction of the SDV1B DV camera we thought we would try out the Chilli Action Cam 3 HD.

A nifty lightweight little thing, with not much to it. The camera unit is simply a lithium battery powered lens with a slot for a memory card and usb lead output, 720p definition at 30 frames per second - so not the best quality nor the worst.


Given the size of the camera we simply used a bit of sticky back Velcro strip to attach said camera to the DJI Phantom drone and prayed it would still be attached on landing and thankfully it was.

The resulting videos involved no skill what so ever (trust me you can tell), heart pounding I wondered if we would ever see the bugger again?

- Should be noted that the videos do have a bit of jello and whilst with a far from perfect camera setup the propellers of my Phantom are a bit battle worn (understatement) and need changing (spares supplied in the box from DJI).

Video two, a bit more cocky flying in a little more of an enclosed space.

 My worry with the DJI Phantom was without a camera the novelty would rapidly wear off and this very expensive toy would simply languish in the back bedroom, with these admittedly crude videos I can see without any doubt that with a lot of practice, some nerve and a GoPro camera amazing videos will be (could be?) possible.

I could become addicted !!!!

Anyway this is what is possible with a DJI Phantom and a decent camera setup (which seems to be a science in itself).

Oh, the Chilli Action Cam 3 HD, yep worth money if bought from Chilli themselves as its a lot cheaper from Chilli than from retailers. It is going to take the knocks and you won't cry if you do destroy it or lose it, not the best picture quality but hey this was the stuff of dreams a few years ago and at this early stage I'm not going to risk losing a GoPro and attachments.

Let training and saving up begin, best also to avoid destractions such as the text message I received whilst up on the moors "want to fly?"

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