Thursday 10 October 2013

October Urbex News - October 2013

News for September was fast and flowing, so here is my round up of stuff running from the last few days of September and early October.

First off over to Yorkshire with the Independent, and a time capsule of a country hotel, abandoned for three decades.

The Daily Fail's "undercover" urban explorer goes wandering round a closed military hospital and gets on its high horse about the waste of tax payers money - memo to Paul Dacre, stop editing a vile shit rag of a paper and do something about it, the country is littered with places like this - write about it instead of kicking the BBC and politicians dead dads.

For some strange reason the next story comes from Business Insider of Australia.

Darmon Richter, is individual who seems to creep from country to country writing his journals and this report is of a country that the world forgot, Transnistria,still stuck in a 1980's Soviet time bubble. My pal Tin Dog so wants to go here early next year, but  Darmon did it first (I still owe for that translation).

Under New York, NPR tells the story of Steve Duncan with a nice write up, together with photos and bonus audio.

Daily Fail on "eerie" wartime tunnels, involves use of word Hilter and Nazi (Daily Fail favorites)

Spooky treehouse time, a la Treehouse of Terror, IO9, rather nice.

Bradley Garrett hit all the papers with interviews and details of his forthcoming book (now out as I finally write this) and every paper and the Daily Fail got in on the act, so some variations on the theme.

First stop the Guardian, I'm a bit of a Guardian fan to be honest. The Mirror steps in with a nice gallery of photos from the book, not really known for its interest in urban exploration. Even the daily free paper Metro featured an article, as did the Daily Beast.

The Scottish Daily Record also get in on the act, But then some backlash reports from the Scottish, looks like they don't like him crossing the border and a bit of a Garrett bashing from the Daily Record.

Finally, yes I have ordered the book and it should be hitting my doormat 8th October (which it didn't, thanks Amazon - I see the free postage they offer now means they sit on an order for days rather than simply posting 2nd class post).

One from the Daily Fail, American theatres, nice.

Until next time....

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