Tuesday 15 October 2013

Explore Everything - Bradley L. Garrett

Reading the forums, Brad (to his friends) has pissed a lot of people off with this book (has he got any friends left according to the forums?). I don't have a problem with people selling pictures or tales to be honest, good luck to the chap - I also have been stick for allowing use of some of my pictures over the last few years.

 Explore Everything

To be honest (note to self -need to stop using that phrase) I'd been looking forward to reading this book for a long while and according to some reports from the Toronto Film Festival that I've read a film deal has been signed (could be a total lie).

I've never met the chap, we have exchanged a couple of tweets a while ago (I can't remember why the hell why - not for any bad reasons I'm sure, I'm derp and aerial he's just mental???), but I got a good discount from Amazon on the £20. cover price and given the coverage in the UK press it had to be bought.

First off the rather nice plastic cover is a slippy pain the arse (very petty I know) but the first few pages grabbed me straight away sucking me in and then sadly it descended into a philosophical lecture into why and how to justify the act of urban exploration or urbex or UE or what ever you want to call it. Originally written for a PhD it does often read as a PhD thesis.

Despite the books inner lecture I found the whole read a page turner and I did read the whole 288 pages over a rather damp weekend and I can highly recommend it, some may however disagree...

As I previously said who am I to be throwing mud at Bradley for what many are saying is screwing over his friends and selling out - I got my friends pissed, booked them flights to a winter wonderland in an ex Soviet disaster zone and then screwed over an international (thieving) sports company - but hey everyone got free boots !!

8/10 to Bradley for the book, looking forward to the film????

10/10 for the exploits which are far above what I will never,ever,ever ascertain (or wish to).

Mr Garrett, if your passing Manchester have a free flight on me, yep seriously just give me a shout.

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