Tuesday 29 October 2013

Prospect Mill, Bradford - October 2013

As the rain lashed down in not so sunny Lancashire we dashed over the border to not as damp Yorkshire for a taste of Bradford Millage.

With Tin Dog at the wheel we arrived on site (Urban Spaceman being grounded and currently sentenced to hard labour with an industrial sander) to admire this derelict Grade II listed building which dates back to 1849.



Formally a textile mill, the property had then been subdivided into multi tenure business units in later years, before falling into dereliction and some parts sadly falling into the hands of the local fire bugs.





 With the rain starting to tumble down the intrepid explorers took shelter inside the mill, be rude not to and given a big open door invited us in shelter from the Autumnal weather shelter was taken not a moment too soon.





With with the floor good to soggy in parts we wandered a good part of the complex within, a few doors blocked and sadly it would seem we missed a few areas I'd been wanting to capture, maybe a return visit may be needed when time is on our side.





Sadly this place was another blight on the landscape screaming to out be saved, once again making a mockery on the UK's heritage preservation.

More Yorkshire millage to come as the area sports scores of these rotting buildings, such as previously visited Midland Mills in Bradford.


  1. Great shots! Looks worth a visit.

  2. Thanks, Yorkshire is full of places like this and less than hour in the car

  3. Ta, nice little mooch this one - missed loads, looking forward to your Chernobyl pics - thinking of a return visit myself