Saturday 13 September 2014

Manchester Northern Quarter - September 2014

Not been to Manchester in what seems like ages, so a welcome return to the Manchester Northern Quarter.

Despite the increasing rapid sanitisation of Manchester a gentle walk around the Northern Quarter still holds a mystical charm for me with memories of my early morning walks to work back in 1987.

Scuttling thru the back streets looking for artwork off I go down one really shitty back street, this just opens questions....  Plaster casts of dogs ? porn? or perhaps the next Lassie ? what kind of porn? the mind does boggle or mine does a little bit.


So on with the mooch


Wile E Coyote




And on to my old stomping ground of Stevenson Square, for the Outhouse Project.




Currently sporting a work from a local artist who's a favourite of mine, Akse P19.

Akse P19

Akse P19

Plenty more on my Flickr, until next time.

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