Saturday 20 June 2015

Bolton Burnden Viaducts - June 2015

Here at Fraggle Towers we like a bit of good news.

For years the disused railway viaducts of Darcy Lever and Burnden Park sat unused and gated off, the final trains crossed in them in 1970.

Darcy Lever Viaduct, Bolton

Darcy Lever Railway Viaduct

So June 2015 they have finally been reopended to the public as part of a footpath and cycleway between Bolton and Bury.

Sadly not much to see, but a walk I've wanted to do for a about 40 years and a cracking short cut across from Leverhulme Park across into Bolton.

Couple of pics.



Only thing I would say is, given its only been open a week, dogwalkers pick up your dog shit you dirty scumbags.


  1. I did these when "you couldn't go on them" ;) - also use them as my current running route. Have to agree with you on the dog-walkers not picking up their s**t!!! I have a report on 28 on these viaducts when they were building the cages too

  2. I read your report a while ago, the bridge seemed to be busy today as I drove down St Peters Way, good to see it being used.