Friday 12 June 2015

Game Over - June 2015

Went for a potter in the plane on Sunday, not sure for how long - 4 hours perhaps ????

Pugwash at the helm as always, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire, we had a jolly good time and stopped off for little light lunch at a airstrip in South Derbyshire (name fails me at this moment in time).

So this photo, after years of on/off flying with Pugwash is it, done, dusted, game over.

CTSW - India Zulu

I remember when we raced round the country in the Round Britain Rally, when we walked along the beach eating our ice creams.

Flight Design CTSW

I remember that day Pugwash announced he would fly to Canada and back and he did and won the Britannia Trophy - Britain's top aviation award - buy the book here.

I remember that instruction manual he passed me in March 2011, page 1.....

Health Warning

But I forgot how bloody dangerous this pastime is and 2 days later Pugwash left his office early for a potter (thankfully without me).

Game Over

With Pugwash walking away with scratches, possibly soiled underwear

The Manchester Evening News wrote it up in this article.

An investigation will be done, as they do, I have no doubts in Pugwash's flying and the maintenance of the plane - which for me makes the accident worse.

But for me I think I'm going to quit whilst I'm ahead and wrap things up with some photos over the next few posts.

Thanks Pugwash and take it easy Tiger !

Tindog once said "though he clearly is a lunatic. You'd have to be to fly for no reason", I beg to differ.

But never, say, never......

Crash photo taken from the Manchester Evening News - purely for my blog - Copyright for this photo is with MEN, Manchester Evening News and a link to the full article is listed on my blog above - no infringement intended.

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