Friday 23 June 2017

Highways Department, Johnstown, Carmarthen - June 2017

We spotted this place on the side of a busy main road in Wales. After a frustrating day we popped our heads in.

Looked like an old school which had been later used by the Highways Department for offices. Not much to say about the place to be honest. It had potential from the road side but ultimately crap, thrashed to within an inch of its life.

Visited by Snapt and Tbolt between rain showers.





Lights on, no one at home

Given that Wales is obviously a country of milk and honey we did find it a little strange that the lights where left on despite the building being "alfresco" and looking empty for years.

Posted to save you the time and effort 2/10


  1. I've been here and if you do go I suggest wearing a 3 layer mask because my friends went in there and started tasting salt in there mouth and had a hard time breathing for a bit there fine now but be careful.

    1. Yes it’s beacuse of the asbestos levels in the building:)