Monday 26 March 2012

Temple of Fire - part 3, Playground of The Devil

A return to our underground playground, Jdub and Urban Spaceman meet for the first time and hit it off, so time for some teamwork.

Multiple wire wool spinning, the first use of my fire palms and the extra hands came in useful for lighting the tea lights.

So first off a little video of the environment we are working in, take note of the echo - so volume up !!

Never thought of doing a video before, pretty much a last minute thing as we prepared to leave, so next visit I will put some of the wool spinning up.

 Oh and for a laugh I donned a mask and threw on an old jacket, so hope you like, as I think these pictures are getting better week on week.


A bit of a fail from me on the next one I'm afraid, can't win em all


Two's company, three's a fire storm !!!!



We still need a name for this devilish character, but out he came with fire palms lit
Jdub had an idea for one of his "arty" shots (not sure if it worked to be honest)
 Camera, fire, action !

So all thats left to say is... welcome to the Temple of Fire, the Devil makes work for idle hands !!!

 The Devil makes time for idle hands

Yep, thats me with my hands on fire, Urban Spaceman set fire to me and ran off to do the wire wool spinning whilst Jdub fired off the cameras, so remember kids don't try this at home.

- I picked up the fire palms from Firetoys

Anyway thats it for this episode, more to follow.....


  1. Great work, love this and must have a go soon

  2. Came out very good. And I do like climbing into a dark box under a field, when up on top the cows moo and the bees buzz and the flowers in the meadow, er flower. Vid was a good idea. I'll send you one from the previous trip with the ill conceived smoke bombs... Regards, Urban Spaceman (The)

  3. ^This^ is exactly why I need to get myself a decent camera! Nicely done, guys - you've got some sick effects going on there.

  4. Its a work in progess, need more practice and more places to do it, thanks for the kind comments